Contractor Readiness Resource Center

BiGAUSTIN is home to Central Texas innovative and advanced Contractors’ Readiness Resource Center that assists small minority and women contactors to become more competitive and profitable in the construction industry.

Through training, education, and loans, the Contractors’ Readiness Resource Center (CRRC) ensures the long-term success of small, minority and women contractors. The CRRC offers compliance workshops (general and project specific); financial services and mobilization funding, certification and recertification sessions, information on current contractors opportunities, an up-to date Plan Room, and one-on-one contractor business counseling sessions.

The CRRC conducts seminars and workshops in multiple aspects of construction management and administration. Both in-house and through partnerships with Texas Department of Transportation, Austin Independent School District, University of Texas Systems, other alliances with external agencies and companies, the CRRC provides counseling, mentoring, training, and financial assistance required for success in the construction industry. The CRRC identifies and builds successful mentor/protégé relationships between leaders of mature established companies and emerging minority and women-owned companies. The small businesses benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience offered free of cost by the leaders of established construction firms and government agencies.

The CRRC seeks only highly motivated minority and women-owned firms that have a strong interest in progressing to a higher level of growth and profitability.  For more information, contact BiGAUSTIN Contractors Readiness Resource Center at 512-928-8010 or email