Statewide leaders plugged in and helped drive economic growth in Texas!

Austin, TX, (10/11/13) – Business Investment Growth Austin (BiGAUSTIN), Citibank, The Association of Electric Companies of Texas, The Laborers’

International Union of North America,

Capital Metro, and The Texas Department of Transportation collaborated to host the 1st Annual Energy and Transportation Economic Development Summit on Thursday, October 10th at the Palmer Events Center starting at 9:00 a.m.

BiGAUSTIN and its partners brought together government agencies, private businesses, contractors, non-profits, trade associations, financial institutions, small business owners, and service providers. Convening at the event were such influential leaders as Phil Wilson, Leonard D. Waterworth, The Honorable Samuel T. Biscoe, and many others discussing the most pressing issues facing energy and transportation in Texas today.

The Summit presented methods and resources to start, grow, and expand businesses to create jobs and promote

economic independence for small business owners and contractors. Participants had the opportunity to share, learn, and discuss the role of small businesses in these two critical industries, as well as network with larger organizations within energy and transportation.

“At BiGAUSTIN, we recognize that energy and transportation development will be a major economic force pumping billions of dollars into the Lone Star state’s economy. Small and minority owned businesses will play a vital role in contracting activities that facilitate economic growth in our local communities…” states Stacy Dukes-Rhone, Executive Director of BiGAUSTIN.

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