BiGAUSTIN Announces its February Client of the Month: Moolah U

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Congratulations to Moolah U!

BiGAUSTIN is proud to highlight the Chief Executive Officer Gayle Reaume and her organization Moolah U for all of the great things they are doing for the youth of Austin.

Moolah U, formerly known as The Money Academy, is an organization that serves the youth of Austin and the surrounding areas in learning about how money works and developing habits of financial responsibility that last

a lifetime. Moolah U was established as The Money Academy in 2004 by Gayle of Austin, Texas, winning the BiGAUSTIN Annual Business Plan Competition in 2007. Gayle

credits the support and connections she received from BiGAUSTIN for much of her early success.

In the last year, they have re-branded as Moolah U and started franchising.When asked why the change, Gayle said “We

did a lot of research and found this was the best way to expand this [financial] education to kids everywhere! Plus, franchisees can build their own financial stability while guiding young people to do the same.”

Moolah U’s programs include their after school

Money Club, held at elementary schools around town, and the Moolah U Summer Camp, a unique entrepreneurial camp in which youth start and run a real business and keep the money they make! In the camp, youth work as a team and are responsible for all of the business decisions. They learn from experience while developing skills in leadership, integrity, accountability and acknowledgement. Campers come back year after year, some entering the Apprentice Training Program where they mentor the younger entrepreneurs.

Moolah U proves that people are never too young to learn about how money works and how to be great with it, as the programs offered are available to students ranging from 8 to 15. What’s even more notable, the Moolah U clubs and camps are offered at affordable rates all year.

As CEO of Moolah U, Gayle Reaume, plans to stay involved with the company through all of its ups and downs.

“This is my purpose in life – to end generational poverty,” states Gayle.

BiGAUSTIN is glad to be able to support the impact Moolah U and all the great work its doing in the community.

For more information visit!

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