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Each person who owns 20% or more of the business must complete this application in order to be considered. All financial information can be filled in with estimates. Know, however, that if you are pre-qualified, we will be asking for a complete and accurate personal financial statement and personal balance sheet from all applicants and guarantors.  Click here for Eligibility Criteria.

Eligible Loan Amount:

Start-up Business(at least 3 months of operation): up to $15,000

Existing Business(at least 1 year of operation): up to $50,000

Download a pre-qualification form for paper submission OR Apply online by submitting the application form below –


City of Austin and Small Business Administration Disclaimers

The online application form below is temporarily down.  

Please download a pre-qualification form and submit

via fax 512-926-2997

or email to


Personal Information

Home Address



Zip Code

Email Address

Phone Number

Mobile Number

Your social security number is required to run a credit report.

Social Security Number

Initial Interest

*Are you...

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Business Information

*Business Name

*Percentage Ownership

Description of Business

Business Address



*Zip Code


If your county is not listed, BiGAUSTIN does not lend in your county. Please contact us if you'd like to be referred to a lender in your area.

Phone Number

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*Start-up Date

Legal Entity

Loan Request

Startups can apply for up to $2,500 without a comprehensive business plan, up to $15,000 with comprehensive plan; established businesses can apply for up to $50,000 (minimum one year of sales and filed business income tax return).

*Amount Requested


Other Purpose

Cash Flow

Total monthly income from ALL household sources

Total monthly household expenses

Average gross monthly sales

Average monthly business expenses

Estimated Personal Assets

Cash on Hand

Savings, checking, stocks, etc.

Real estate and automobile should be total current market value, regardless of what you may owe on them.

Real Estate


Other Assets

Estimated Personal Liabilities

Total credit card balance

Total bank/student loan balance

Real estate balance

Auto balance

Other Liabilities

Minimum Criteria Checklist (Required)

Do you have a written business plan with 2 years financial projections?  Yes No

Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?  Yes No

If applicable, date of bankruptcy discharge

Do you have any collection actions or unpaid taxes?  Yes No

Do you have any outstanding police, public, or legal issues?  Yes No

Are you or the business involved in any lawsuits?  Yes No

Do you owe any outstanding child support?  Yes No

Have you ever defaulted on a federal contract or student loan?  Yes No

Is your business a 501(c)(3) non-profit?  Yes No

Do you have proof of owner equity/investment?  Yes No

Are you a US citizen, or have a valid green card?  Yes No

Have you had 3+ months of sales?  Yes No

Do you have 3+ months of contracts for future sales?  Yes No

Additional Factors

Do you or someone else in your household have a source of income outside the business?  Yes No

Did your business make a profit last year?  Yes No

Do you have formal training/experience in the field?  Yes No

Have you had any NSFs on your bank accounts in the past 3 months? (i.e. bounced checks)  Yes No

Do you own any real estate other than your homestead?  Yes No

Are you currently paying on a vehicle?  Yes No

Is there another person willing to be a guarantor/co-signer?  Yes No

Will your credit report show you as current with all creditors over the past 2 years?  Yes No

Have you addressed any derogatory statements on your credit report?  Yes No


Please explain any negative items above or add other comments


The following demographic data are not used in evaluating loan applications; this data is intended for evaluating marketing efforts and for anonymous reporting to funding agencies.



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If you have any questions or having difficulty completing application, feel free to contact our lending department at 512 928 8010 or email at