Microloan Program Details

Loan Details

  • Loan Amounts
  • Interest Rates
  • Loan Terms
  • Use of Funds
  • Fees

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible Borrowers
  • Geography
  • Other Criteria

Underwriting Criteria

  • Qualification Criteria
  • Cash Flow
  • Credit
  • Collateral
  • Character
  • Special Note on Startups

Application Process

  • Steps
  • Pre-Qualification Application
  • Loan Application
  • Supporting Documentation
  • Guarantors and Cosigners


  • Funding Sources
  • Certification


This document does not represent the official loan policies and procedures of Business Investment Growth (BiGAUSTIN). It attempts to accurately portray the practical considerations and details for BiGAUSTIN’s loan program in an accessible style and language. The official policies and procedures take precedence over anything stated herein, if ever a dispute over interpretation and application should arise.