A Dream come True

smoothie king

Congratulations to RJG Smoothies Doing Business As (DBA) Smoothie King!

This month’s winner is Ria Griffin of RJG Smoothies DBA Smoothie King, located on South Lamar in the Triangle. Ria has been the proud owner of this Smoothie King for two years on April 11th, and says “it’s a dream come true.” Dating all the way back to her childhood, Ria recalls having the entrepreneurial spirit, dreaming of one day owning her own business. She reminisces on days where she’d find a cardboard box and turn it into her own lemonade stand.

“There is where I learned all my lessons about supply and demand. I had the supply but no demand for my lemonade. I often ended the day drinking all my lemonade which I enjoyed, but never profited from” states Griffin.

Today, she is a Smoothie King Franchisee and although she faces many challenges, she finds it rewarding. Smoothie King is an industry leader in the field of healthy smoothies, vitamins and supplements. Ria has always loved Smoothie King products and knew she wanted to be involved with a business that she loved, so it was her first consideration when she decided to become an entrepreneur. She began her journey towards becoming a Smoothie King Franchisee in 2007 but was not contacted by Smoothie King until a year later. At this point she had a business plan, equipment, a location and an enormous amount of motivation, but lacked funding.

Discouraged but not defeated, Ria continued her search for funding, getting counseling from organizations like SCORE and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). It was at the SBDC where she was referred to a local event where she could meet lenders

and share her business plan with them, Meet the Lender. There, she was referred to a BiGAUSTIN representative, who she later called and met with. After almost four years of searching for funding BiGAUSTIN helped her improve her business plan, and was able to give her the loan she had been in need of for so long. She can now say she is a small business owner, employing more than 5 people! Ria says she is extremely grateful to BiGAUSTIN for assisting her in achieving her dream of owning her own business.

BiGAUSTIN is proud to highlight Ria and her business!

It’s almost Summer time- wait, Smoothie time!

Visit Ria and her staff in the Triangle on

4601 North Lamar Blvd in Austin, Texas

You may also

Call in to order at 512-374-4909

Text to order at 512-826-9551

Order online at LonghornDelivery.com

Go to Smoothieking.com to download the free My Smoothie App for great deals and rewards

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